Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Compare And Contrast The Two Paintings

MACROBUTTON DoFieldClick [Student s Name]MACROBUTTON DoFieldClick [Instructor s Name]MACROBUTTON DoFieldClick [Course Title]DATE \ d MMMM yyyy 14 July 2010MACROBUTTON DoFieldClick [Research Paper Title]Art is interesting because it is simultaneously discernible and contextual : great art stands on its own , besides it also stands in the shadow of that which has come before , and serves as the guiding light to cast the shadows of that which will come later on it . Two paintings which share a number of similarities and differences are Raphael s enjoyment of Galatea from 1512 and Bronzino s genus Venus , Cupid , Folly , and Time from 1546 . Each clear concentrates on representing mythological characters and all the samets , and concerns itself with notions of love .
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However , Raphel s work represents love and take a crap as archetypal , more abstract concepts , where Bronzino s work has achieved some(prenominal) fame and obloquy for its cozy overtones , emphasizing erotic loveRaphael s painting is a fresco , and uses more washed-out colors to represent the dream-like prospect of the events : even as Galatea is on the cusp of divination , the globe becomes less(prenominal) real to her , and more dream-like , which is what the painting attempts to emphasize . Bronzino s work emphasizes flesh-colors to cause out the striking nudity of its characters , as well(p) as the barely-concealed internal nature of the proceedings . Bronzino draws the eye to the sexual proceedings mingled with Cupid and Venus by p utting Venus in the bring out , which contr! asts quite well with Raphael s focus on the nymph : darn she is centered...If you want to get a secure essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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